No Subscription Necessary

Perusing the “NeoLibertarian” silliness, I note this summary:

Let me chime in with my two cents here, too. It seems to me that the Neolibertarian ideal is characterized by a few simple, general propositions:

When given a set of policy choices,

The choice that maximizes personal liberty is the best choice.

The policy choice that offers the least amount of necessary government intervention or regulation is the best choice.

Well, gentle readers, you don’t need to worry about scraping up the subscription fee from your meager after-tax income in order to gain the wisdom of The New Libertarian. No, the entire future contents of that volume have been bestowed upon me, in a vision. And here they are:

Vote Republican.


You see, it doesn’t matter how bad the Republicans get, since the Democrats will always likely be a smidgen worse. Thus the best “policy choice offered” is the Republican Party. It doesn’t actually matter what the Republicans say, how much of your income they’re going to take, how much of your property – of your life – that they’re going to steal from you this time, because the Democrats are going to steal more.

See how simple it can be?

Grim Laugh Of The Day

It’s funny: Ha, ha.

Check out the oh-so-pious bleats about Bush spending taxpayer money (because Democrats pay for all of their little photo-ops out of their own fat fucking pockets, right?), and be sure to catch the charming recount of the Secret Service at their best . Note the utter failure to mention Patricia Mendoza, or anyone else that happened to get roughed up by jack-booted thugs when a certain fat kid from Arkansas was in the White House.

Voting liberals are getting just what they deserve, and good and hard to boot. Every one of those little mouth-breathers was like as not cheering ole’ Bubba on during the eight years he spent latched onto the tax teat, and now they have the God-damned nerve to whine about the same exact things, since The Gun is now pointed at them.

Beck fingered these types a long time ago – the Turning Worms.

Not that voting conservatives are any better, of course. No, not too much disgust at plastic turkeys from those quarters, because after all he’s their plastic turkey. But just wait until the next Democrat’s elected President, and they’ll be the first in line to whimper about lies and deceit.

My utter disgust for Democrats and Republicans alike is only further garnished by my contempt for various stripes of self-described libertarians making noises about “Federalism” and “Decentralization” in regards to the Dems, having blissfully fucking forgotten that they were swappin’ spit with the Republicans exactly one President ago. The only reason that any voting liberal is talking with libertarians is because the Left are the Outs, right now, and they need whatever help they can scrape up. Even if it is just a fraction of the LP’s three hundred thousand votes. You watch: the instant the Democrats get back into power, the libertarians are going to be unceremoniously dumped into the alley and left to whine after the Republicans.

Who will of course pretend to listen to the LP’ers and “build bridges” and what-not until they’re back in power, leaving voting libertarians to ping-pong back to the Left…

Ha, ha, ha.

Tip: Drizz.

Apathy, um, wins?

After a 19.7% voter turnout resulted in the incumbent mayor being on top in the local primaries, with 34% of that 19.7%, the local free paper ran the headline, “Apathy Wins”.

Um, no, folks, if you took notice of the fact that apathy won by a 4:1 landslide, there would be no mayor, nor city government for that matter. Those who vote for “please just leave me alone” are never permitted to just drink their own beer, and they never will be, as long as electoral politics allow the few to rule the many.

President Bush Delivers A Civics Lesson

Bush the Younger was in Russia recently and managed to drop a few gems worth taking note of at a joint press conference with Putin. These weren’t the usual “Russiastan” or “I’ve got a lot of commititude” bumbles, these were special. In fact, there’s a lesson in government there, if we look closely:

I live in a transparent country. I live in a country where decisions made by government are wide open, and people are able to call people to — me to account, which many out here due on a regular basis. Our laws, and the reasons why we have laws on the books, are perfectly explained to people.

Of course they are, Citizen. Secret laws aren’t things that the United States of America has, no: the President himself has denied that.

America has a perfectly transparent government, and it says so right there on the box.

So I’m perfectly comfortable in telling you, our country is one that safeguards human rights and human dignity, and we resolve our disputes in a peaceful way.

Now this statement doesn’t have to be the outright lie that it appears to be, in fact it’s probably technically true. Note the first part of that sentence: “I’m perfectly comfortable telling you…”. The rest of the sentence doesn’t have to be true for him to be “perfectly comfortable” telling it to us, in fact there are at least two possible explanations, here. First, it could be that he’s simply bought into his own propaganda about the matter. Second and more plausible, he’s “perfectly comfortable” telling bald-faced lies.

And lies they are: any dispute that you have with the government is certainly going to get resolved peacefully. Or else. And of course all of those kids that this government set fire to in Texas, back a decade ago, had their human dignity respected, didn’t they? And the Weavers – they had their rights safeguarded as well. Let’s not forget what happens to blacks that get out of hand – they get their dignity respected, too. On and on and on it goes: this list could continue for pages with names like Alberto Sepulveda and obscure historical footnotes like the Bonus Army or the Whiskey Rebellion and still not scratch the surface of the vast record of crimes perpetrated by the American government.

And so we come to President Bush’s lesson: if you contrast his rhetoric with reality, it serves as a pointed reminder of what supports this government, and all governments:

Force, and lies.

Above: The American government safeguarding human dignity

Democracy In Iraq

Okay, so all the naysayers out there have been right time and again about America’s Mesopotamian adventure. But they’re about to be proven wrong about the elections being a failure, the Iraqis are really into this democracy thing. In fact, I think they’re doing it even better than we are.

There are several problems. The first is the fact that, technically, we don’t know the candidates. We know the principal heads of the lists but we don’t know who exactly will be running. It really is confusing. They aren’t making the lists public because they are afraid the candidates will be assassinated.

Not only do they have a secret ballot to elect their secret band of robbers and murderers, but they have secret candidates too! Genius! Secret candidates would solve many a problem: would Bush I have lost reelection if voters couldn’t have pinned his broken “No new taxes” pledge on him? Candidate 0A13 looks just like candidate 013A on the ballot. Mad at property tax increases? No problem, the anonymous mail redirector to Representative #1592 not only ensures that your complaint is registered, it keeps him/her safe from your anger! Of course paid lobbyists would still presumably have direct access…

Moving right along, the value of a vote in Iraq is four hundred bucks!

Many, many, many people are not going to vote. Some of those people are selling their voting cards for up to $400. The word on the street is that these ballots are being bought by people coming in from Iran.

Lucky them! Here in the U.S., of course, ballots are worthless, since everyone knows that votes can be and are manufactured out of thin air. Democracy thrives on innovation, and I’ll bet that by next election the vote demand will be well-satisfied by “Arab copies” of American vote-manufacturing technology.

This one pundit has all of the appropriate confidence in the election:

All of this has given the coming elections a sort of sinister cloak. There is too much mystery involved and too little transparency. It is more than a little bit worrisome.

What more proof do you need – isn’t that the perfect description of any functioning election?

Showing that Mesopotamians are hip to the hip hop, they’ve even expanded on P. Diddy’s brilliant and democratic “Vote Or Die” campaign:

Sistani and some others of Iranian inclination came out with fatwas claiming that non-voters will burn in the hottest fires of the underworld for an eternity if they don’t vote…

“Vote Or Die And Then Roast In Hellfire For All Of Eternity While Demons Eat Your Entrails, Idolatrous Dog!” Way to appeal to the Common Man, Mad Mullah S.! You got mad rabble-rousin’ skills! I’ma fiend for da fatwa!

I think the evidence is clear that Iraq has not only attained Western democracy, but they’ve actually extended the field in new and exciting directions.

Voting, democracy, and stagnation

From The Daily Reckoning:

Another of the great conceits of the Western civilization, circa 2005, is that democracy makes people more peaceful and more prosperous. The evidence for the peaceful part is blemished by the history of the 20th century – in which nations that were democratic (at least at the beginning) fought the bloodiest wars in history. But how about prosperity? Does voting really make people wealthier?

A new study done by a pair of Stanford professors seemed intended to prove the point. The professors spend many pages explaining how democratic openness leads to market reforms, which then lead to greater output. But the actual evidence is inconclusive. According to the report in the International Herald Tribune, about as many countries lost ground, thanks to democracy, as gained it.

The professors looked at GDP rates in countries that have gotten people to line up at voting booths in the last 30 years. Then they compare growth rates in the 10 years before democracy to rates of growth in the 10 years following. Looking down the list, we see several marginal “winners” and only one big one – Chile, where GDP growth rose from 1.6% in the 10 years prior to democratization to 5.8% in the years after. On the other hand, what strikes our eye is a couple of big losers. Portugal’s growth rate fell from 7% before democratization in 1974 to 1.2% after. Spain’s growth rate dropped to 0.3% from 5.4% and Ecuador practically went broke; it’s growth rate fell from 6.8% to minus 0.4!

Business As Usual, From Both Parties

Social justice continues in the far Northwest:

The King County Council approved rules last night that would restrict development on rural land, over objections that the changes are draconian and would entangle the county in lawsuits.

The most controversial of the changes would require rural residents to leave between one-third and one-half of their land in a natural state, depending on lot size.

That’s right – a handful of Seattle liberals are snatching up a good half of other people’s land and turning it into a collective-farm nature preserve, all on the victims’ dime.

“Private property” – what a sick fucking joke that phrase is.

Right there is your bloody “democracy” folks – a bare majority of professional jobholders taking your production in order to appeal to their whack-job hard core urbanite constituency. But don’t worry, there’ll be a sure legal challenge on the grounds that this new power-grab doesn’t provide enough “public benefit”, thus cementing further into law the idea that your life is just so much fodder for the public trough. Way to stand on principle, Republicans.

Some days I swear I could vomit pure bile, and the fact that in less than a week, untold millions of you are going out there to vote for creatures like these just makes it that much worse.

Swift Boat Veterans For Truth, Or Something

Here’s the transcript of the SBVT ad:

John Kerry: They had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads. . .

Joe Ponder: The accusations that John Kerry made against the veterans who served in Vietnam was just devastating.

John Kerry: . . . randomly shot at civilians. . .

Joe Ponder: It hurt me more than any physical wounds I had.

John Kerry: . . . cut off limbs, blown up bodies. . .

Ken Cordier: That was part of the torture, was, uh, to sign a statement that you had committed war crimes.

John Kerry: . . . razed villages in a fashion reminiscent of Ghengis Khan. . .

Paul Gallanti: John Kerry gave the enemy for free what I, and many of my, uh, comrades in North Vietnam, in the prison camps, uh, took torture to avoid saying. It demoralized us.

John Kerry: . . . crimes committed on a day to day basis. . .

Ken Cordier: He betrayed us in the past, how could we be loyal to him now?

John Kerry: . . . ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam.

Paul Gallanti: He dishonored his country, and, uh, more, more importantly the people he served with. He just sold them out.

Announcer : Swift Boat Veterans for Truth is responsible for the content of this advertisement.

Let’s see: “Devastating”, “Hurt me”, “Gave the enemy for free”, “Betrayed”, and “Dishonored his country”. Strong words, but: is Kerry lying?

The TV ad doesn’t even bother to address that question, and I judge that it’s because the truth simply doesn’t matter. The truth obviously isn’t useful for the purposes of the Swift Vets’ television ad, or they’d have included something besides null-content heartstring-pulling. This is about appealing to voters, not about making a rational argument – the vaguer and more emotional the pitch, the better. The intended audience for this ad simply isn’t interested in the truth.

Of course, “Swift Boat Veterans For Vague Emotional Appeal” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

The Perils Of Partisan Politcs

In a nutshell, playing in electoral politics encourages you to make a raging asshole of yourself, like most of the other participants do. Like this guy here:

So, Gore has decided to call me a Digital Brown Shirt because I’m a blogger who looks for the truth, eh? Well, fine then! Here’s an icon for all my fellow bloggers. Display it proudly on your site! Claim the title of Digital Brown Shirt!

Here’s an even less tasteful take. Look quick, though, ’cause the memory hole appears to be getting used full-time on this one. Also look over the links there at the bottom: those are the sorts of folks who hate the Democrats more than they do their own self-imposed association with this:


Above: An old-school analog brown shirt valiantly battles “Idiotarians“.