A Modest Proposal For The Control Of Government Laws

Another sad attempt to control government laws by means of government laws:

Help us pass the
“Read the Bills Act of 2005” (RTBA)

You can read the text of RTBA by clicking the Draft Legislation tab above, or you can start by reading a summary of the legislation below. Following that summary is a description of our strategy for passing RTBA, and then a call to action.

And we all know that this never works – government ignores laws, so it can ignore laws about laws. Forget all of that. I propose something totally different, much better, guaranteed to work:

A Law To Control Government Laws By Controling Government Laws That Control Government Laws.

Take that, Congress! What you gonna do now, when we got us a law that says you have to pay attention to what the law that says you have to follow the law says?


Yeah, that’s right, you’re gonna just sit down and shut up and start following this killa law-following-law-following-law we’ve got.

Tip via Claire Wolfe. Mad props to Ghertner as well.

Attention Karen DeCoster: Private Business Decisions Are Not “Affirmative Action”

There’s a fundamental difference between government quotas (imposed as they are by force) and a business decision. That seems simple enough, right?

Well, not so simple for Lewrockwell.com contributor Karen DeCoster. In a post titled “Affirmative Action NASCAR”, she whimpers

As with everything else Southern, the traditional roots of NASCAR are no longer acceptable.

The link points to a story about NASCAR’s new CEO:

AR CEO Brian France doesn’t like fans flying Confederate flags at races as he tries to make auto racing more appealing to minorities and women.

France is trying to broaden auto racing’s appeal with minorities in places like Los Angeles, where France moved the important Labor Day NASCAR event last year, and New York, soon to have a track.

Is that really “Affirmative Action“? Because it sounds like a simple business decision to me. People in New York and Los Angeles, shocking as it may be to the delicate sensibilities of neo-Confederates, have far more money to spend than people in the South. It certainly makes sense on the face of it for an entertainment company (which is what NASCAR is) to try to appeal to people with money.

In fact if the impending multiculturization of NASCAR were really a bad decision, then this presents a golden opportunity for Karen DeCoster and her ilk to swoop in with their very own Association of Stock Car Auto Racing and take the huge and neglected Confederate Flag demographic away from the NASCAR crowd.

Of course DeCoster isn’t interested in making a business case for the Stars And Bars, instead she segues into the main point of the matter:

From the Charlotte Observer:

It’s a stretch to call Adrian Fernández the future of NASCAR. But that’s who he is to a budding legion of Latino racing fans who consider him the “Dale Earnhardt of Mexico.”

(Thanks to MT for the link.) What next? Shall we have a Mexican/Yankee menu at Waffle House? (Chorizo, not grits, please.)

And that’s what this is about: simple racial/cultural paranoia. Why didn’t DeCoster just come out and say “I don’t like Mexicans and Yankees buying up my beloved Southern icons”?

Because that would have been far too honest. So instead of puzzling but forthright prejudice, DeCoster transparently disguised her screed as a takedown of “Affirmative Action”. It’s fair to note, however, that not every Lewrockwell.com blogger has forgotten that words have meanings.

Dying of Shock

There’s this guy, I think he’s a politician. No wait, he’s the President, and he nominated this chick to be a judge. Except that this chick is a crony. And some people don’t even think she’s qualified. Can you believe it? A politician nominates a buddy for office…that’s unheard of.

This is the worst thing ever, or like second to Pol Pot or something.

Who Knew?

…That you could volunteer to take the place of a soldier in Iraq?

Any American who is for the continued occupation of Iraq, yet has not signed up to go take the place of a man who wants to come home is a pathetic coward and hypocrite.

So how does this work? Is there a list of soldiers that you can pick from? A website? Help me out here, AntiWar.com, I know you aren’t just talking nonsense…

A Wonderful Vision Of The Future

Isn’t this nice? (Bolding mine)

It’s become more and more apparent to me over the past five years that all the activism and non-violent protesting in the world will do precisely squat. When you’re dealing with evil people who have no shame, the old rules of the game don’t and, indeed, can’t apply if you have any hope for success. Hundreds of thousands of people have marched, millions of letters have been written, tens of millions of votes cast, and hundreds of trillions of electrons expended pontificating on blogs…for nothing. Nothing has changed. Nothing will change. Not unless it comes in the form of something akin to the French Revolution.

We need terror. We need horror. We need the streets running awash in rivers of blood of these thugs and criminals and zealots. Activism didn’t prevent 60,000 deaths in Vietnam. All the activism of the Civil Rights era has gotten African Americans precisely nowhere. Segregation may not be the law of the land anymore, but it’s still the de facto state of America.

When y’all want to start throwing molotovs and sniping from windows come and talk to me.

Modern liberal compassion

A tisket, a tasket,
A head in a basket,
It cannot answer questions
That you ask it

If and when the various loudmouths on both the left and right ever get their Glorious People’s Revolution, I want to be far, far away.

Okay, I’m Agitated

As long as we’re poaching content from The Agitator this week, I’d just like to take a moment to point out that John C. Dvorak is provably, permanently deranged.

Not that Linnekin is much above that what with his cheerleading of Dvorak’s malign little effort to make Congress work better. I don’t want to see the bastards do as much as they do now, let alone give ’em the ability to vote what’s left of my life away on their God-damned Blackberries. I guess Baylen “I’m not an anarchist” Linnekin has different priorities.

Still, Baylen does voice tepid support for my right to sit on my ass every two years and jeer while the electorate votes each others’ stuff away. Not that mandatory voting would change much for me, it’d be the easiest thing in the world to scrawl a few clever obscenities across my government-mandated Freedom Ballot(tm) before folding, spindling, and mutilating the machine-scannable instrument of democracy and jamming the fucker into the ultra-secure cardboard ballot box.

This ought to serve as a lesson to any consequentialist Cato interns that may be lurking out there. You, my friend, could end up about a quarter-notch above John Dvorak with the gap closing every election if you don’t look the fuck out.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

To Serve and…something something

Balko gets ahold of another beauty. A bunch of undercover cops tries to bust up some college drinking. One of them flashes his badge and fires a few shots in the air. Another policeman hears the shots, runs over, and shoots and kills the undercover cop (and injured a student).

It gets better.

The president of the university sends out a letter blaming alcohol for the death of the cop. The logic being, I guess, that if no one broke the ridiculous drinking age law, then undercover cops would not be necessary, then undercover cops wouldn’t have to shoot into the air, then off-duty officers wouldn’t shoot to kill the undercover cops.

You’ve got to read the whole thing. It’s so stupid it’ll take your breath away.

Anti-War Stupidity

From (no surprise) Antiwar.com:

According to the Sept. 1 Manufacturing & Technology News, the Government Accounting Office has reported that over the course of the cakewalk war, the U.S. military’s use of small caliber ammunition has risen to 1.8 billion rounds. Think about that number. If there are 20,000 insurgents, it means U.S. troops have fired 90,000 rounds at each insurgent.

Anyone else see some problems there? First item: “Over the course of the cakewalk war”. Hmm. If I recall correctly, not too many insurgents were around when the Iraqi Army was still in place. Think that maybe just a few rounds of ammunition were fired at, say, the Republican Guard?

Second, strange as it may seem to someone who writes for Antiwar.com, the military actually shoots at targets sometimes. In fact, according to this statement to Congress,

We understand that prior to 9/11 the total DOD small caliber ammunition requirement through the 1990s, up until 9/11 was 350 million rounds per year and that this entire production was provided by the Government Owned, Contractor Operated Lake City Plant in Independence, Missouri.

Subsequent to 9/11, the former Army Chief of Staff issued guidance to change the training requirements for the Army and thus the total DOD training requirement increased to 1.1 billion rounds per year.

Now of course the math works out such that something’s missing somewhere – maybe some other data would clarify matters, or maybe the military’s running a tad short on projectiles. Whatever the case, the point is that it serves to demonstrate that the US military burns up a whole bunch of ammo every year even when they aren’t fighting a war in Iraq. Thus the claim that 90,000 rounds are fired at each insurgent is a gross oversimplification (if you’re charitable) or a flat-out lie (if you’re not).

The Antiwar.com piece goes on:

The combination of U.S. government-owned ammo plants and those of U.S. commercial producers together cannot make bullets as fast as US troops are firing them. The Bush administration has had to turn to foreign producers such as Israel Military Industries. Think about that. Hollowed-out U.S. industry cannot produce enough ammunition to defeat a 20,000-man insurgency.

Obviously 1.8 billion rounds (to use the author’s figure) would have been more than enough for Stalin to defeat such an insurgency. He’d have started at one side of the country and had his troops shoot everyone they came across. Sooner or later (likely sooner), the insurgency would have stopped, and far short of a billion rounds of rifle ammo.

So it isn’t “hollowed-out US industry” that’s allowing the Iraqi rebels to run around and shoot back, obviously there are more subtle things going on here, such as the facts that the US government isn’t Stalin’s Russia and that George W. Bush (again, shocking as this might be to an Antiwar.com columnist) isn’t Stalin.

And this isn’t cherry-picking, that column should have been edited with an axe. I mean it’s fine to be anti-war and all, but look: you need to get your bloody facts straight, even the ones that get in the way of making an overwrought point about how terrible (yet incompetent) the bad ol’ US government is. The way this stands, the editorial page of AWC looks about as trustworthy as a CentCom press release.

File Under: Not Surprising

Empty-headed windbag idiot ghoul Jesse Jackson:

Jackson questioned why Bush has not named blacks to top positions in the federal response to the disaster, particularly when the majority of victims remaining stranded in New Orleans are black: “How can blacks be locked out of the leadership, and trapped in the suffering?”

Yes, the lack of disaster-management affirmative action is definitely right up there on the list of problems that need addressing. Y’know, there is literally nothing that that person might say that would surprise me, any more.