The Perils Of Partisan Politcs

In a nutshell, playing in electoral politics encourages you to make a raging asshole of yourself, like most of the other participants do. Like this guy here:

So, Gore has decided to call me a Digital Brown Shirt because I’m a blogger who looks for the truth, eh? Well, fine then! Here’s an icon for all my fellow bloggers. Display it proudly on your site! Claim the title of Digital Brown Shirt!

Here’s an even less tasteful take. Look quick, though, ’cause the memory hole appears to be getting used full-time on this one. Also look over the links there at the bottom: those are the sorts of folks who hate the Democrats more than they do their own self-imposed association with this:


Above: An old-school analog brown shirt valiantly battles “Idiotarians“.


Lew Rockwell Likes International Law

Has Lew Rockwell abandoned every shred of rational thought over this Iraq fiasco? Judge for yourself:

At the same time, it is preposterous for anyone to speak of democracy in Iraq so long as Saddam Hussein is in an official spider hole. He was unseated on a basis that is contrary to all standards of legal conduct between nations. The US decided on its own that he should no longer be the president of Iraq ? the very thing all norms of international law are designed to prevent. No government needs to be permanent, but those who pose no threat to international peace should be managed, controlled, or overthrown by their own citizens.

Say what? “Democracy”? “Legal conduct between nations”? Look here, you: you can take your international law, fold it until it is all sharp corners, and stuff it right into your trash can, along with democracy and elections and every other two-bit fraud that governments spit out. There are plenty of honest, principled objections to the Iraq war, none of which include whining about “international law” and “democracy” like some God-damned commie.

Rockwell is implicitly conceding that the nebulous concept of international law (and even worse, “democracy”) is a principle worth defending. He’s making the same mistake that the Constitution-huggers do, namely blanking-out on exactly who it is that writes, interprets and enforces “the law”. And there’s more:

All these bureaucrats need to admit is that they have no legitimacy at all, but rather acted as civilian cover for a martial law junta that ruled by blood and lies. Then the UN can work with Islamic clerics, the merchant class, and other Iraqi leaders to fill the void, not with force but with peace.

‘Scuse me, but exactly what legitimacy does the UN have, there or anywhere? And exactly what government does not “rule by blood and lies”?

Perhaps for an encore, Lew Rockwell will combine his love for democracy, international law, and the UN, and openly advocate a world government. That’d be consistent, at least.

“Sooner Or Later”?

I keep the babble box (“television”) on in the A.M., letting my subconscious filter for items of interest while I coffee myself up to speed. Well, that sleazebag John McCain was on this morning, yammering about something or other, but my ears perked right up on this: “The Iraqi people are going to have to govern themselves sooner or later.”

“Sooner or later”? Ya get that, state-war-mongers? Even your masters up there in DC don’t have a clue where this Mesopotamian train-wreck’s going.

Endarkenment Update

Consider this story, courtesy of Grabbe:

State police have charged a 15-year-old Latrobe girl with child pornography for taking photos of herself and posting them on the Internet.

Police said the girl, whose identity they withheld, photographed herself in various states of undress and performing a variety of sexual acts. She then sent the photos to people she met in chat rooms.

A police report did not say how police learned about the girl. They found dozens of pictures of her on her computer.

She has been charged with sexual abuse of children, possession of child pornography and dissemination of child pornography.

Police said they are trying to identify all the people who receive[d] photos from the girl.

So, she’s getting charged with sexual abuse of… herself? Will she have to register as a sex offender in order to protect herself from herself? Will she be allowed, once released from imprisonment as a sex offender, to live in the same house (and sleep in the same bed!) as herself?

Anyone out there still not getting the fact that this culture is fork-stuck done-for?


There it sat, a package from my very-least favorite parts distributor. “D-K”, let’s call ’em. Inside the box, under the (damaged, of course) parts, on a little slip of paper, was this nonsense:

Based on our commitment to the environment and you, our valued customer, we are now using Geami, a 100% recyclable packaging product. In Latin and Greek, Geami means earth (Ge) and friend (ami). Both the outer and the inner tissue can be put in your newspaper bin for recycling. Geami products were chosen, not only because they protect your goods during the transportation process, they also allow us to put less packaging material in each box which results in saving of fossil fuels (both on tires and diesel/gas) and pollution in transportation.

We hope our environmentally safe packaging meets with your enthusiastic approval.

Memo to the enviro-loons at DK: I don’t know about your other “valued customers” but I personally couldn’t give a rat’s ass if my stuff comes in an old-growth wood crate padded with warm spotted owl carcasses. What matters to me is that I get it undamaged, something you lame-brains and your “Geami” crap consistently fail to do. Maybe your other customers are so smitten by your devotion to Gaia that they fail to notice that you’re absolutely stone-cold incompetent, but I’m not. Because of you lackwits, I get to peer through a forty-power microscope and fix your screwups, since I work for a company that places things like actually providing working products higher than sucking up to Greenpeace. And on top of that, I get to have your smarmy marketing drivel ringing in my head all day. You want my “enthusiastic approval”? Fire whatever marketroid wrote that crap and hire someone for your shipping department who can understand the esoteric science of putting stuff in a box.

“What Is The Problem?”

The High Road is a gun forum I lurk upon, and the Legal And Political section is always good for a slow motion train-wreck. Take this gem, here. This is a discussion about a recent story of anti-Bush protesters being arrested in Crawford, TX. Seems the would-be protesters didn’t have some sort of “permit”, or sumpin’. There’s a bit of intelligence from the usual worthies mixed in the comments, but the typical reaction is something like this:

More Liberal Nonsense
The heading should say, break the law and go to jail. Those protesters broke the law and they were punished. What is the problem?

Y’see that attitude, there? That utter, brain-dead worship of “the law” is what got us so deep into the mess we’re in now. Since “the law” is whatever the government says it is, the above slackjaw is conceding that, yeah, the government pretty much has the right to do whatever it wants to, whenever it wants to, however it wants to. The only reason he likes it now is that it isn’t a Democrat enforcing “the law” against one of his pet causes.

These yammerhead conservatives at THR are the same morons who, dollars to doughnuts, are going to herd themselves down to the polls in November and put their stupid little hoof-marks on the ballot next to GW’s name, all the while bleating about how they can barely stand the taste of the Republican cud they’re chewing. Thing is, the Republican party knows that the gun owner vote is locked up solid. After all, who else are they gonna vote for? All that the GOP has to do is to not be quite as bad as the Dems, and they can stick the gun vote in their pocket. This is a truth that the grass-eaters just don’t want to face.

Y’see, facing the stark naked truth that their votes are sewn up might mean making some really unpleasant adjustments in their world-view, like facing the fact that electoral politics and their beloved Constitution are what got them into the mess they’re in in the first place. Like noticing that since we’re sitting at the bottom of the results of two hundred years of balloting and constitutionalizing, maybe we ought to try something else, for a change. Like getting the point that an obscure lawyer made a long time ago:

But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain–that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.

Just wait. When the next Democrat takes hold of the whip, it’ll damn sure come down hard on those oh-so-deserving idiots who are defending that selfsame whipping nowadays. And mark my words, they will still have no better idea of what to do about their predicament than to meander into the voting booth and pull the lever for the Republicans, again and again and again.

An Unsurprising Turn Of Events

Lew Rockwell notes a tidbit about the famed anti-tax loon Irwinn Schiff:

Author Irwin Schiff, at war with the IRS for years over his aggressive claims that paying federal income tax is voluntary, may finally have turned defensive. In a back-tax-collection case in Las Vegas in January, Schiff told the court in a filing that he suffers from delusions, including a fantasy that he is the only person qualified to interpret federal income tax law. Schiff’s psychiatrist said Schiff has been paranoid for years, stemming from his having lost heavily in a tax shelter that turned out to be a Ponzi scheme.

I’m guessing that Schiff’s throwing in the towel, here. I’m only surprised that it took this long.

I have never, ever, understood the tax-protest movement. They seem to feel (not “think”, note) that the government of the United States will follow its own written rules if only they bravely sacrifice themselves for their “cause”. Morons, every one of ’em. When some activist is tangling hard with the government, they are making a bet that the government will judge them harmless enough to let alone. The Bonus Army marchers, for example, took the wrong end of that bet.

Despite my disdain for activists in general, I think I despise the so-called right wingers more than the leftoids. The right inevitably brings up the Constitution in the defense of their pet cause, and that is inevitably a losing game. They’re doing me a helluva disservice by conceding the premise that “the law” is indeed right and proper, and that “the law” ought to be followed. Some days, I wish that FedGovCo would just up and can the whole Bill of Rights, just so’s I could hear what the right-wingers would say. Not that I think they’d grow any principles or anything – they’d like as not spend the rest of their gulag years trying to prove that an undotted ‘i’ invalidated the whole thing, and could they have some freedom now, please? At least the tree-sitting hippies aren’t spending their time building legal precedents against themselves.

It looks like Schiff is going to join the rest of the sovreign-citizen-admirality-court-common-law-whatnot folks who came up too high on the radar. I hate to see it.

And no, I don’t see any way out, either. I judge that it’s far better to look for a tool, though, than it is to try to beat through stone walls with my head.

Modern Primitives

Q: What sort of person would pay a hundred grand for a magical totem?

A: This kind:

The baseball blamed by many Chicago Cubs fans for the team’s playoff disaster last year was reduced to a pile of thread on live television Thursday evening by a Hollywood special effects expert.

Grant DePorter, who helped buy the ball at an auction for $113,824 on behalf of Harry Caray’s Restaurant Group, lined up hours of music, comedy and celebrity appearances.

“It’s like the ring from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and we’re kind of like Frodo, trying to get it over with,” Deporter said.

Kind of, uh huh.

I’ve never understood ‘sports fans’ in any case, but this is simply appalling. This sort of behavior is what Westerners read about in National Geographic: it’s called animism when some primitive does it with an antelope thighbone in front of his stick hut. When some idiot paid a hundred thou for the object of it, and Katie Kouric describes it with her patented perky-but-glass-eyed stare on national teevee, it’s called “sports”. Right here in twenty-first century America, we have people, and plenty of ’em, who wholeheartedly believe in this. Encouraging, idnnit?

But here’s the worst of it: those hooting, drooling boobs worshiping a friggin’ ball, they get to vote on your life.