Still Locked, Loaded, and Liquored-Up

Mark Penman was a hardcore libertarian who was funny as hell.  He committed suicide in July of 2001.  Earlier that year he had given me permission to republish his articles at No Treason.  I downloaded his entire web site after his death, and when his site went dark some time later I resurrected it within NT’s domain so people would still have access to it.

Having recently brought NT back I was looking into whether I should put Penman’s site back up. Happily, I see that someone else has already restored the entire site at


Billy Beck’s Articles Removed From No Treason

In resurrecting No Treason, which has been off the web since 2008, I’ve decided to remove Billy Becks articles from the site, since I no longer have any use for them. This deserves some explanation since Beck was once a major contributor to the site. In 2006 Beck claimed that I was no longer authorized to host his articles:

Kennedy: you are no longer authorized to keep any of my articles here. This has been the fact since the very last thing I ever posted here. You can look it up, although you will refuse to understand it. You have said that *I* said that you can could keep that stuff here as long as the site existed. I didn’t argue with you, and I am not interested to, now. You know what I said: if I actually made that agreement, then I would live with it. I don’t believe that I did, but I’m not interested in the fight, because it would mean dealing with your fucking bullshit exactly one second longer than I care to. But none of that is to the point: that stuff is mine, everybody knows it, and now everyone is clear about it.

At the time I was in no mood to indulge Beck in this matter, since I had paid for the rights to host the material. I’ve decided to explain how I acquired those rights. The following timeline has been reconstructed from memory and context, since I no longer have the original emails, and is probably not completely accurate. But the substance of the agreements is accurate.

Around the time I launched No Treason in June 2001 I sent John Sabotta $50 for the No Treason logo you see above and for design work that went with it. I also sent Beck $50 for three articles he would write for No Treason, articles along the lines of those he had written for Union Square Journal. I never paid another writer for articles, but at the time I considered Beck a draw for the audience I was going after and I thought It would help the site to get him involved. Beck never actually submitted the three articles agreed upon, but the contract was eventually satisfied by mutual agreement. By early 2002 Beck had still submitted nothing. I saw a piece on abortion he’d posted, probably on Usenet, called “You’d Bloody Well Do It Without Me”. I offered to publish this as an article on No Treason as the first of Beck’s three articles. He agreed.

In June of 2002 I started the first blog at No Treason. Beck blogged there but had still not submitted the final two articles by the end of 2002. In early 2003 I offered to accept, in lieu of the two contracted articles, the right to publish a bunch of articles Beck had originally written for Laissez Faire City Times and Union Square Journal, along with a few articles that were on Beck’s own web site.

Mindful of the fact that Beck had withdrawn his articles from Union Square Journal over a disagreement with editor Martin McPhillips, I made it clear to Beck that I was purchasing the right to host those articles on No Treason in perpetuity, along with any blog posts he contributed – I wasn’t paying for material that he could withdraw at whim, as he had done in the past. Beck agreed, retaining the right to publish any of his NT contributions anywhere else he liked.

Beck claims to not remember making such a deal (though note that he stopped short of saying it didn’t happen), and I’ll take him at his word on that. But I do remember, and I retain the rights I purchased. At this time I have no further desire to host the material and and have removed it. It’s possible that I’ve missed stray posts, so if you find a Beck contribution on No Treason please bring it to my attention.

Kip Condor Is A Lazybones!

I was working my way through the search line at the airport. Lost in thought, I was pondering how to get more production out of certain writers at No Treason. I got to the point where I was asked to turn over my toiletries in a clear plastic bag, and for some reason I suddenly scrawled “Kip Condor Is A LazyBones!” on it.

“What’s this about?”, asked an impertinent TSA screener, holding up the bag.

I pinned him with an icy stare, like a matador would stare down…

…well, in this case, a sheep.

“It’s… a… long… story…”, I spat the words softly, lacing each syllable with infinite contempt.

“Whatever”, he replied, looking terribly bored as he passed the bag along.

“Have a nice flight”, droned the insufferable quisling as I was collecting my belongings.

I froze him the patented icy stare again, this time for a full three seconds, until I summarily dismissed him with a scornful, “See you later.”

As I turned away, I could swear I heard him say, “Baa, now.”

How I Became A Scientologist

(…In The Deeply Confused Mind Of Meaghan Walker-Williams)

For more than a year now Meaghan Walker-Williams has been accusing the editors of No Treason of being Scientologists. Recently she clearly declared her suspicions:

Oh, btw Kennedy, the folks at Scientology’s FLAG in Clearwater stopped by, judging by sitemeter. You might be due for sec check real soon!

Casual Readers may want to check out John T Kennedy’s admission that he is a practioner of Scientology “tech” and his girlfriend Lynette Warren’s “warnings” to me, not to criticize her religion , Scientology, here on the prog-blog website. For More Info On Scientology’s Views On Abortions – and in fact COERCING women to have Abortions if they are low ranking Scientologists… visit the following website. ALSO visit HERE from Absinthe and Cookies.

(By the way, please follow her link and see if Lynette said what Meaghan claims.)


A few years ago in a discussion, Kennedy and Warren let it slip out that they had a connection with Scientology, in that, during the middle of another weird situation occuring — See a mutual friend of ours was organizing a boycott of a Scientology Front Gun School called “Front Sight”,

[Here Meaghan again provides the link to her investigative piece that blew the lid off this story: No Treason Admits It’s Connection To The Dangerous and Criminal Cult Of Scientology. – jtk]


Now, I firmly believe that Kennedy and Warren are Scientologists based on their own admissions, and actions. And if other libertarians become aware of this, they will lose any credibility at all for anything they may be hoping to achieve. In Libertarian circles – not to put too fine a point on it… being a scientologist, (unless you are perhaps in South Florida, near Clearwater) – you are about as welcome as a KKK member at an African American Gospel Church Choir practice.

This really says so much about Meaghan’s psyche. Her wet dream is that I will lose credibility in libertarian circles. It reflects her own deep-seated fear of losing acceptance. It’s why Meaghan routinely frames her arguments with long explanations of who is on the good team, who is on the bad team, and who is apt to get their good-team credentials revoked if they don’t stop consorting with the bad team – but pronto!

The only problem with her fantasy is that I don’t give a rolling donut about credibility in libertarian circles.

So anyway, how did Meaghan discover that I’m a Scientologist? She’s already provided the links needed to explain her detective work. It all started back on Mike Schneider’s American Liberty forum. There was an argument about Front Sight’s suit against Diana Hsieh in which Lynette and I argued (among other things) that Hsieh had been harassing Front Sight. Meaghan wrote to Lynette:

You and John can play pattycakes nice-nice with any Scientologists that you want, and even promote Piazza and his business and you are even free to suggest that Hsiah has somehow done something wrong by merely questioning what’s going on with an organization
that she was involved in, and had financially contributed to.

In response to this I “let slip” the following admission:

No Treason itself has no connection with Piazza and we are not promoting Front Sight or Scientology. Furthermore, No Treason is in no way, shape, or form connected to or affilated with ANY religion– Catholic, Baptist, Buddhist, Scientology, Mormon, Muslim, etc. We have 15 contributors and I cannot tell you what religious backgrounds they all have as it makes no difference to No Treason. We do not ask, we do not care. Does No Treason use some of the
business technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard, the Founder of Scientology? Yes, and so do the following companies:

Bell and Howell
Getty Oil
Pacific Stereo
Winston Tires
Del Taco
Broadway Department Stores

Does the use of Hubbard Business Managment Systems connect or affiliate these businesses and governments (or No Treason) with Scientology? Of course not.

Predictably, this “admission” distressed Meaghan. I thought Schneider gave the game away when, within 24 hours, he revealed that the text was a direct cut and paste (with a few substitutions) from Piazza’s email to Hsieh, which was (and remains) posted on Hsieh’s web site. And indeed, this revelation did give Meaghan some pause. But she still couldn’t figure it out. She wasn’t the only one. We had fun stringing the group members along for days with evasive answers and non-denial denials.

Eventually I explained it all to Tim Starr:

As to the gag, I admit to being mildly puzzled as to why you and Mike would have bought it. The text was a direct swipe from the web site under discussion, something I could not have suspected to go unnoticed for long. It’s a rather strange way to reveal NT policy, isn’t it? You missed my confirmation that the revelation was not real, and that’s fine because I was trying to leave people the opportunity to miss it. But I never confirmed that it really was NT policy, it was just hanging out there all by itself. I would think that for someone who had some significant experience of dealing with me and NT, the outlandish idea that we were really using Hubbard Management Technologies to put out a blog would not be the simplest explanation of the revelation. The simplest explanation was that the post wasn’t serious.

But hey, it’s not like I’ve never fallen hook line and sinker for a gag. Early last year Lynette announced on whitewater that she’d taken a job with the GSA, and she gave a link to the GSA showing Lynette Warren did work there and revealing her work number and email. I bought it big time and privately urged her to kill the post because it would give weasels direct access to her professional life. In the newsgroup I tried to muddy the waters by posting links to a bunch of different Lynette Warrens, attempting to pass off her announcement as a joke. But the joke was on me of course, her link was no more legitimate than the ones I posted.

I laughed my ass off when she let me in on the joke.

I made her pay for it though. She’s still paying for it.

Meaghan read all of this four years ago. I answered her questions directly once the gag had run it’s course. She stopped accusing me of being a Scientologist until last year when she got pissed off about my exposé of her sock puppet theater and she went on the warpath.

I couldn’t believe my good fortune. How could Meaghan imagine I was a Scientologist after reading those threads? Could it be that when she got angry it simply became easier to believe whatever she wanted to believe? Lynette and I were delighted and started googling the web for scientologist jargon to sprinkle into our responses to Meaghan. We let Lopez in on the gag and he eagerly joined in. It was all obviously way over the top but it worked like a charm! She became more and more certain that we were scientologists.

And now that she’s sufficiently pissed again she thinks an anti-Scientology crusade is just the thing to bring us to our knees.



What’s a party without a Piñata?

Update (11-7-06): The candy continues to spill out of the piñata as Meaghan ramps up her delusions.

Billy Beck: No Shame

A correspondent to Beck expresses shame for jumping through government hoops to use his car:

Shame at being forced to think and act like this. Shame at realizing this type of behavior was business as usual in the communist countries. Shame at being compelled to take a short cut that on principle I wouldn’t take with my family or friends in an analogous situation.

Beck answers:

The only thing that I have to add right now is something that Tim Starr and Ernest Brown brought to my attention several weeks ago, which is that submission is not the same as compromise.

It’s nice that Starr and Brown recently brought this to his attention but Lynette and I (not to mention Greg Swann) have been telling him the same thing for years. Most recently:

jtk3isme: you pay taxes billy, so it seems to me you can
Wm J Beck III: What did you say?
jtk3isme: i said you pay taxes
Wm J Beck III: I mean: is that really what you intended to say?
jtk3isme: yes
Wm J Beck III: What are you talking about?
jtk3isme: you pay sales tax and other taxes
Wm J Beck III: John… have you *never* paid attention?
jtk3isme: sure I have
Wm J Beck III: I wouldn’t pay *those*, either, if I could find a way to stop it, and this fact has a serious implication.
jtk3isme: you do pay them, which means you *can*
Wm J Beck III: I’ll tell you what I’ll do: I will set up a fucking robot to let you know every Saturday that I haven’t burned myself on the Capitol steps. Will you shut your fucking impertinent mouth then?
jtk3isme: not a bit of it
Wm J Beck III: No, sir: I can’t. They’re different things.
jtk3isme: one theft is in principle different from another?
Wm J Beck III: No, they are different in practice. However, let me put it to you this way: by your way of thinking, I just die tomorrow. Will *that* shut you up?
jtk3isme: No, it will shut you up.
Wm J Beck III: You’re implying a problem of integrity, and I know the solution. Is that what you’re looking for?
Wm J Beck III: That should be at *least* as attractive to everyone involved.
Wm J Beck III: Certainly, the punk Swann might be satisfied.
jtk3isme: I’m not implying any lack of integrity for paying your taxes
Wm J Beck III: Look, John: don’t try to bullshit me.
jtk3isme: I say it’s fine
Wm J Beck III: It’s *not*.
jtk3isme: no really it is okay to live in the world, be it good or evil
jtk3isme: they commit a crime but you do not by paying

My original commentary stands:

We’ve had the same discussion a number of times. Every time we do Beck chooses to construe it as an implicit attack on his integrity, as if I were saying he ought not be paying sales tax and other taxes. On the contrary, I’m saying that it’s fine for him to pay sales tax and it would be fine for him to pay income tax. I’m saying his behavior demonstrates that he judges that paying sales tax is better for him than not paying it – else he wouldn’t pay. His behavior demonstrates that he judges he should pay sales tax (which of course is not to say he should have to pay it, he shouldn’t) to get on with pursuing other values.

And he could pay income tax to get on with pursuing his other values.

Clearly Beck submits to vehicle inspection because he judges his life will be better for that submission under the circumstances. And clearly Beck submits to having his required papers inspected every time he catches a commercial flight because he judges his life will be better for that submission under the circumstances.

And that’s perfectly fine. But Beck explains to Richard Nikoley about how the state is killing him:

I don’t know what any of you ever thought was going to happen to me. I had to explain something to Lynette the other night, which ought to be available to a moment’s consideration by anyone in the custom of thinking. I’m forty-nine years old now, Rich. When I come to face the first serious systemic medical crisis of the sort that commonly happens to human beings approaching that part of their lives, there is going to be no way in this world that I will be able to deal with it in the way that every blinking asshole on the street assumes that such things should be taken care of.

All we’ve done is point out to Beck that he doesn’t have to die that way, that he could get plenty of decent medical care the same way he gets his car registered and the same way he gets to fly to a gig: by submitting to some injustice.

For this we get:

Do you understand? I had to point out to her some elementary facts involving the nature of production and the function of money in human life, because those two people — John and Lynette, who really do seem to care about me with a good deal of the emotive force of hysterics — have serious difficulty at bringing themselves face to face with real-live practical implications of a murderous society. Forever, I have been telling people: “This ain’t no disco. Ideas matter.” Their estimation of my personal devotion to an ideal of freedom rises almost to the level of resentment because I am so serious about it. And I appear to be the only one on the scene who is not fooled: I have always known — every step of the way — exactly where this, my life, was going in the present political circumstances, which have only darkened greatly in general since I took my first adult steps.

I’d like to ask Richard: Do you resent the fact that Beck refuses to pay income taxes while you pay that ransom to improve your life under the circumstances? Does it seem plausible to you that Lynette and I resent him for not paying income tax while we do pay taxes? And if it’s not plausible, then who’s exhibiting “the emotive force of hysterics”? And why?

I have an idea why. Principle does not require Beck to do without health care or the bulk of the fortune he could earn any more than it requires him to do without his car or air travel. Beck could still improve his lot in life dramatically by submitting to some injustices the very same way he already submits to others.

But at 50 it would be a very bitter pill to swallow – to concede, even implicitly, that he has foregone decades of production that principle did not require him to refuse.

Front Sight/Hsieh Flap Ends Quietly

I just noticed that Diana Mertz Hsieh announced in January of this year that the suit against her had been settled about nine months earlier:

I’m pleased to report that the lawsuit against me originally filed on behalf of Dr. Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight Firearms Training Institute over this web site was settled just before the case was scheduled to go to trial in April 2005. Although the details of the settlement are confidential, I can say that I’m reasonably happy with it. The lawsuit was a long and unpleasant ordeal, so I’m glad that it’s behind me.

As for the web site, it will remain where it is for the foreseeable future.

From the fact that she has not resumed her crusade to get Piazza to publicly renounce Scientology I infer that as part of the settlement she has probably agreed to discontinue that campaign.

I also note again that bloggers did a lot of posturing for a few days and then went dead silent on the matter for the last three and a half years.

Glenn Reynolds wrote:

It’s obvious that Front Sight’s lawsuit has so far bought it far more bad publicity than Diana Hsieh’s blogging ever did.

In retrospect the lawsuit stopped the crusade against Piazza and Front Sight in it’s tracks.

Hsieh keeps busy though. And it seems now every couple of years she discovers that, as at Front Sight, there’s something deeply troubling about the people she’s been hanging with. In 2004 she she broke with The Objectivist Center, reminiscent of her break with the Objectivist Study Group a decade earlier (also exhaustively documented on usenet). This year she’s outing her longtime friend Chris Sciabarra as dishonest and manipulative. I recommend her post on Sciabarra primarily as a fascinating window into the world of Objectivist back-channel communication.

The Million-Year War for Earth Continues

Hollywood Interupted on Comedy Central’s decision to spike South Park’s Scientology episode.

Scientologist movie star Tom Cruise threatened to cancel all publicity for Mission Impossible:3 if Comedy Central aired the episode that satirizes Scientology and mocks his sexuality again. Not only is this the first time that the South Park creators have been officially censored in their ten hit seasons with Comedy Central, Viacom officials also reportedly ordered Matt Stone and Trey Parker not to discuss the reason why their episode was cancelled.

While hilariously lambasting yet another religion on South Park doesn’t exactly qualify Parker and Stone as suppressive persons, I have to question Mark Ebner’s characterization of Tom Cruise’s alleged efforts to nix Wednesday’s planned re-airing of the episode as blackmail. How is it blackmail for Cruise to stay home rather than to promote Mission Impossible 3?

“So, Scientology, you may have won THIS battle, but the million-year war for earth has just begun!” – Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Mighty River Of Dreams and Revelations

(For Sunny, prophet, seer and revelator of South Salt Lake City, and for Alethea, the Oracle of the University District)

At this time I had another dream that Howard Grant, a seminary teacher in Arizona came rushing up in a black new car. He said, “Bishop, come and I will show you where rich gold is, right up the road in Water Canyon.” So Bishop Koyle, Lewis Wright, Willard Fuller and I got in the car and up the road we went. We were clipping along nicely about half way up the Canyon when suddenly the car stopped and started rolling backwards. I became frightened and said,”Howard, put your foot on that brake or we will all be destroyed.” He paid no heed. Then said Bishop, “Put your foot on that brake or we will all be destroyed;” but he would not budge. Then I parted the front seat and slapped the brake to the floor, but there was no brake, so we plunged off, more than 1,000 feet to the bottom of the canyon, landing right side up. We all got out of the car and looked at each other. I said to Howard, “You had [153] better get your brakes fixed.” He took a brush out of a quart can and began to paint around his hat band. Lewis walked over and put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Jesse, I want to thank you for saving our lives.” I said, “Don’t thank me. I tried but could do no good; thank the Lord.”

The only thing missing from this account was the part where they moved the car and found that they had landed upon Wile E. Coyote.

“Bishop didn’t like the idea of others having dreams about the mine, and when I told him a dream, he angrily turned to me and said, “Who’s dreaming about this mine, you or me?” As well might man put forth his puny arm to stop the Missouri River in its decreed course as to stop the Lord from pouring down revelations upon the heads of the Latter-day Saints.” – Jesse L. Young, quoted in RELIEF MINE II

then lung sleeps on the grass and lung dreams. sometimes lung dreams about a donut. sometimes lung dreams about you. sometimes lung dreams about a lung who dreams about you. do you dream about lung? who is dreaming who? are you dreaming right now?lung